Oddi Manometry

The Solar GI Oddi manometry software offers pressure recording in:

  • common bile duct
  • papilla vater
  • pancreatic duct

Indications for Sphincter of Oddi manometry are patients with biliary pain and also one of:

  • Elevated liver function
  • Dilatation of the CBD (> 12 mm)
  • Delayed contrast drainage from the CBD (> 45 min) during ERCP

For Sphincter of Oddi manometry, a special solid state or water perfused catheter can be used. The catheter can be positioned with X-ray and/or a duodenalscope.





Solar GI - Intelligent Gastrointestinal Manometry

Versatile even in standard versions

Medical Measurement Systems (MMS) offers the complete solution for stationary motility testing. Solar GI is a state-of-the-art system offering all of the tools needed for modern manometry examinations. The plug-and-play design, developed in close co-operation with leading university hospitals, provides incomparable flexibility in configuring a system to meet all of your specific diagnostic needs.

Extended database

An extensive patient database enables easy entry and retrieval of patient demographics. Filter and query options facilitate the selection of patient groups for statistical analysis. For example, groups can be made by examination type, gender, date of birth and examination parameters.

Diagnosis and comment functions can be used to generate memos. All patient information is stored in one location, so there is no need for other text editor programs. Raw data, patient demographics and examination parameters can be selected and exported quickly and easily to other text editor and database programs.