Solar System for Manometry and Impedance

Measuring pressures through the whole oesophageal body and anal canal. HRM presentation of the results are now available. This method consists of measuring multiple pressures simultaneously. For instance up to 36 pressure channels spaced at 0.5cm to 2cm intervals. This allows detailed assessment of all relevant data for the whole oesophagus and anal canal.




Manometry: A New Approach

High Resolution Manometry (HRM) is an advanced approach of measuring pressures in the oesophageal body. The Solar GI HRM system simplifies clinical procedures and offers fast and accurate diagnostic reports.

Advantages of using HRM

  • Simple to use catheters for oesophageal and ano-rectal manometry studies

  • No need for stepwise pullthrough of catheters through the oesophagus or anal canal

  • Multiple pressure channels allow detailed data assessment for the oesophageal tract, anal canal and rectum.

  • Using contour plots makes interpretation of such complex patterns much easier

  • Contour plot studies provide excellent recordings and analysis for antroduodenal and colonic manometry studies

  • Software and catheters designed for adults, children and babies

  • Ambulatory software and hardware available for all above applicationsNetworking software installed for differing HIS systems in hospitals

Solid State HRMWater Perfused HRM


  • Keypad. Operate up to 5 metres from trolley

  • Infared receiver for keypad

  • Safety & Main Modules. HIS requirements met

  • Common Interface Modules ( CIM's) - interchangeable dependant on case

  • Automatic perfusion pump for single use studies, or solid state unit for reusable studies

Measurement & Analysis Software

  • UES manometry

  • Esophageal manometry

  • LES manometry

  • Antroduodenal manometry

  • Sphincter of Oddi manometry

  • Colonic manometry

  • Anorectal Manometry

  • Biofeedback


Gastroenterology: MMS Solar GI HRM




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