Ohmega System for Impedance & pH Recording

Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) is caused by reflux of gastric contents into the Oesophagus.

Impedance-pH detects and analyses acidic, non acidic, weak acidic reflux and air episodes. Combined Impedance-pH recording is clinically useful in the evaluation of symptoms under PPI therapy as well as for hoarseness, unexplained cough, wheezing, non-cardiac chest pain and paediatric applications of particular interest.




Ambulatory Impedance & pH Recording

The Ohmega is a small, lightweight ambulatory system which combines pH recording and Impedance monitoring. As a result the Ohmega detects reflux activity using Impedance and categorizes these reflux episodes as acid or nonacid using traditional pH measurement. The Ohmega is a complete reflux monitoring system.

The Ohmega offers unique features. The Virtual Instructor ProgramTM helps to complete the procedure succesfully, even with minimal training. Bluetooth® capabilities make it possible to view and check data while recording. The intelligent symptom analysis software quantifies all reflux episodes fast and simple.

    • Recording up to 12 Impedance & 4 pH channels: Antimony, Glass or ISFET pH recording with LES locator.

    • Intelligent Symptom Analysis Software: Provides the user with a diagnosis based on combined data of Impedance and pH.

    • VIP, Virtual Instructor ProgramTM: Guides user to successfully complete procedures with minimal training. Easy calibration of catheter via the PC.

    • On-line View of Recordings: Wireless Bluetooth7 techniques make it possible to view data while recording. High quality signal recording can be quaranteed before patient leaves investigation room.

    • Small and Lightweight: Compact housing with comfortable carrying bag.

    • Recording of 4 Pressures: As an option up to 4 pressures can be added.

    • Sleeplab (optional): Sleeplab output for 16 predefined analogue channels.

Software incorporates recording and analysis for adult, paediatric and neonatal investigations.



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Orion II Ambulatory pH Recording System

The Orion II is one of the most comprehensive, user-friendly pH recorders available for the diagnosis of gastro-oesphageal reflux diseases and non-cardiac chest pain.

Features include:

  • Wireless communication
  • Easy calibration of data via PC
  • Virtual Instructor Program guides user to complete training
  • 4 pH channels
  • Lightweight and compact