Endoflip® system for Impedance Planimetry

EndoFLIP is a new imaging tool which employs a balloon catheter within which there is an array of electrodes, along with a balloon pressure sensor.

Using a technique known as impedance planimetry, the diameter at each electrode on the catheter can be estimated. When the balloon catheter is inserted into a hollow body an image, extending up to 80mm long, may be constructed in 5mm slices.




EndoFLIP® Technology

The EndoFLIP® (Endolumenal Functional Lumen Imaging Probe) Imaging System is a revolutionary new technology used to measure the dimensions and function of a variety of hollow organs and sphincteric regions throughout the gastrointestinal tract.

These measurements are useful for different types of patients such as:

                      • GORD patients

                      • Potential candidates for GORD surgery

                      • Bariatric surgery patients

Impedance Planimetry

By measuring pressure, "distensibility” can be calculated using the formula cross sectional area/balloon pressure. This indicates how much a stoma or sphincter stretches when challenged by the balloon when it is inflated to a given pressure.

This "compliance-like" figure differs from compliance, calculated as volume/pressure, which is more appropriate to a closed volume, such as a pouch for example. See below for example.

Impedance monitoring will have broad applications for gastroenterologists as well as those performing anti-reflux procedures. Impedance monitoring removes the need for assumptions by showing the actual bolus transit.

Seting Up EndoFLIP (part 1)

Seting Up EndoFLIP (part 2)

FLIP Analytics tool demonstration



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