The CapsoCam® Plus System is a sophisticated, user-friendly capsule endoscopy solution that provides a full 360° image of the small bowel mucosa - the most comprehensive capsule endoscopy visualization available on the market!

The thorough imaging of the CapsoCam Plus System is enhanced by its wire-free design, which allows for flexibility in patient scheduling, while also providing unprecedented patient freedom and comfort during the examination.


How it Works

Image flow

  • 1. Patient swallows the small, vitamin-sized CapsoCam® Plus.
  • 2. Patient retrieves the CapsoCam® Plus with the CapsoRetrieve® tool.
  • 3. Patient data is rapidly downloaded with the CapsoAccess® system.
  • 4. Physician quickly plays back and reviews patient data with the CapsoView® application.

Streamlined Procedure Saves Time and Money

CapsoCam® Plus captures a 360° panoramic lateral view of the small bowel using an on-board storage system that eliminates the need for belts, wires, leads and sticky pads. Removing the need for external receiver equipment, the CapsoCam® Plus System comes with zero capital investment. Additionally, administration of a CapsoCam® Plus capsule takes less time and doesn’t require patients to return bulky equipment that needs charging and maintenance, allowing for more efficient use of staff and exam room time.

Wire-free Design is Patient Preferred

CapsoCam® Plus patients are completely unburdened by uncomfortable external equipment. During the procedure, they can go about their daily activities while experiencing unprecedented comfort, convenience, and freedom.

The patient simply passes the capsule with a normal bowel movement, retrieves it using a specially designed retrieval kit, CapsoRetrieve®, and returns it to the clinic by mail or in person.

Fast and Easy Data Download is Hassle-Free

The CapsoAccess® capsule data access system allows you to seamlessly extract in vivo images and other data from the CapsoCam® Plus capsule after the procedure. To transfer data from the capsule to your computer, simply place the capsule into the CapsoAccess® system and close the lid.

User-friendly Software Makes Reading Faster and Easier

CapsoView® software provides a convenient, easy-to-use diagnostic user interface for viewing the CapsoCam® Plus images – with several playback options and simple, efficient report generation.



Title:Clinical Intelligence
Author(s):Rishi M Goel, Kamal V Patel, Dean Borrow and Simon Anderson

Red Detection: Get a Preliminary Analysis

CapsoView®’s red detection system detects and displays frames that may contain characteristics of bleeding in an easy-to-read fashion, providing a preliminary analysis of the CapsoCam® Plus exam quickly. These images are also marked on the playback status bar for easy reference as you conduct your review.

Duo View: Reduce Your Reading Time by Up to 50%

Duo View mode displays two 360° frames simultaneously, which may decrease reader fatigue and is expected to significantly reduce reading time.

ACE: Enhanced Color Settings for Better Visualization of Tissue Characteristics

CapsoView®’s Advanced Color Enhancement (ACE) technology uses computed spectral sequences based on the in vivo image data to enhance tissue characterization which may improve diagnostic utility of the mucosal images.

Precision Speed Controls: Customize Your Viewing Experience

CapsoView® allows you to optimize video speed so you can more easily identify pathologies.

Advanced Reporting: Create and customize Comprehensive Reports

CapsoView®’s reporting system offers simple, secure and user-friendly reporting formats, providing various options to customize and generate a comprehensive report.