Rapid Barostat Bag Pump
For Rectal Motor and Sensory Functions

  • Easy and accurate testing for incontinence and constipation within 15 minutes
  • Instant calculation & report generation with indication of Hypo, Hyper, Normal
  • Portable and lightweight for bedside testing
  • User-friendly operating system with specialised disposable barostat bags



Rapid Barostat Bag Testing

Limitations of manual RBB test:

    • Manual inflation of balloon via syringe is cumbersome and not consistent between different operators; rapid inflations may cause false sensations

    • Verbal prompting by the operator may influence when the patient reports the symptoms

Advantages of RBB Pump:

    • It is a battery operated air compressor, designed to inflate a barostat bag at a constant rate of 120mL/min.

    • It comes equipped with a handheld remote, allowing the patient to indicate their sensation thresholds easily and accurately

    • The pump is operated by a touch screen, which displays the collected test data, and conducts the calculations to determine hyper/hypo/normal for the final report

RBB Pump Test Report


    • Instant report generation with data table and graph with plotted points

    • Summary findings of hyper-sensitive, hypo-sensitive, or normal at multiple sensation points

    • Provides rectal capacity (mL)and pressure (mmHg) at 50% capacity

    • Provides reference table for normal and abnormal data values, as well as area for notes/comments

Title:Introduction of a short barostat protocol for assessment of rectal function
Author(s):Mathias Sauter & Henriette Heinrich, University Hospital Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland